COTEXRO makes carefully selected textile consumables in France, such as coated fabrics, oven fabrics, swing bags, felt under heavy carpet and reception rugs.
COTEXRO was created 3 years ago to meet a growing demand for high-quality technical bakery textiles at competitive prices thanks to its clothing workshop located in Eastern Europe, renowned for the high technicality of its operators and much lower production costs.
COTEXRO selects all of its raw materials in France in order to offer the best quality of fabrics for an optimal result of its products. 
COTEXRO aims to offer you the best price on the market.


COTEXRO has all its raw materials produced in France, the Vosges and northern France for linen and cotton and Alsace for synthetic felt and 100% wool felt. All of our products are certified in accordance with food contact according to the European standard in force.


COTEXRO has a depot located directly in France and works in close collaboration with its messaging partners in order to minimize delivery times on standard or stock products.


COTEXRO sell their products exclusively in France and in Europe.


Each customer is unique is either artisan or industrial and is not just a simple number on an order form.


We are French and also speak English and Italian. We can be reached directly by phone Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and by email or on our website 24/7. Orders are made by email. We deliver directly on site with invoice.